How To Maximise Your Truck’s Resale Value

So you know that you will on the lookout for a new truck soon, but before you consider taking the step out to ask for that loan you need to plan for the sale of your current truck. Here is a list of top tips to help you with selling your truck.

  • Exterior colour is important. Having a non-standard color will negatively impact the resale price of a unit. If possible, stay with white as a base colour. In addition, a full-vehicle wrap or having items that will require a de-identification will impact the value of your truck.
  • Keep the interior clean. If the inside of your truck looks like a rubbish bin, then you need to spend the time to have it professionally cleaned. Depending on the size of the truck, your truck may be a temporary living quarter for the next owner, and at a minimum, they will be in there for the majority of the day. So make it clean and sharp!
  • Remember that the value add-ons may be great for you, but the next owner may care little for them. This may even negatively impact the value of your vehicle, so be aware that adding an extra premium in your price for these accessories may work against you.
  • Are you making a full effort in putting together a listing? Buying a truck is no simple purchase decision; so putting forward a half-hearted listing with considerable missing detail could put off many buyers. They may ask if you are hiding something, or may question your level of care for the truck they originally liked, putting them off calling you.
  • Putting together a set of strong images. Focusing on putting together smart marketing items, like multiple images from different angles gives potential buyers a 360 degree overview of the truck and helps sell them the dream of owning your truck.
  • Keep everything. Get a folder or envelope to store every receipt and record for maintenance and repairs on your truck, in and out of warranty.
  • Fix that clunky sound. Is your truck idling poorly? Before putting your truck up for sale, visit your local truck mechanic to ensure that it is in 100 percent condition.
  • Keep washing it regularly. In-grained dirt and mud can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of a truck.

Overall, you don’t have to do anything that is special to increase your truck’s resale value. Essentially, you just have to take decent care of it whilst it is still in your possession. We’re quietly confident that as long as you follow yhre steps above, you’ll be very pleased when the time comes to sell your truck.