FDI Inflows By Nation During 2015

If we look at the top 10 host economies by nation during 2015 it is evident there is a big margin between world superpowers. The data, derived quarterly, presents us with figures displaying the Billions of U.S. dollars spent per nation to determine foreign direct investment inflows.

Here they are, from 10th to 1st:

10. France ($44 Billion)

9. Canada ($45 Billion)

8. Brazil ($56 Billion)

7: India ($59 Billion)

6. Singapore ($65 Billion)

5. The UK ($68 Billion)

4. Netherlands ($90 Billion)

3. China ($136 Billion)

2. Hong Kong ($163 Billion)

1. U.S ($384 Billion)

The most noticeable fact is a big chunk of the countries are from Asia (HK, China, Singapore and India) with 4/10 nations. There are 3 nations from Europe featuring in the top 10 and it is no surprise North and South America make up the rest of the top 10. These are clear indicators: business isn’t necessarily booming, but it’s much stronger with countries that have nearby neighbours. Europe, America and Asia are flooded with bordering nations! Relationships between these countries are very strong and it can make foreign spending much easier!

The U.S. are naturally miles clear given their infrastructure and advanced technology however there are multiple countries beginning to bridge the gap – and have been doing so for sometime.

More figures to come in 16 later in the year!