Do You Have Postcode Envy?

Do you have postcode envy? Is buying a home based on a postcode really all that important? Let’s investigate!

It is true that buying in specific areas of suburbs, or a suburb altogether can mean a dramatic difference to the price of a house. We’ve seen countless examples of residences literally 30 metres away from each other, only divided by a single lane road, where the purchase price is $50K more. Yes $50K more! Both houses use the same shopping centre facilities, are under the same council precinct, and all other amenities are identical.

By setting aside your potential postcode envy, you can really reap a bargain, and it presents a great buying opportunity. An example of this is in the outer metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne, where one house was in the suburb of Narre Warren South, whilst the other was in Cranbourne North. Cranbourne North as a suburb has a poor reputation in the real estate world, but this individual estate area was quite isolated from any of the troubles befitting its name, which were several kilometres away.

The buyers of this house, who were only 150 metres from the Narre Warren South border, were able to buy their house at a bargain price in a newly established estate. When they sold it several years later, the postcode envy had subsided greatly, as the market realised that this pocket of the suburb was on par with what was happening in Narre Warren South, and not Cranbourne North. This provided for an excellent outcome for the seller of the house, and the buyer was very happy with their outcome too.

There are many other opportunities, of course, in locations across all different states, where you can use postcode envy to your benefit. Sometimes, postcode envy is legit, but most of the time, it’s all in the mind. Best of luck with your future purchases!

What To Look For In A Loan Provider

It’s often overwhelming when you want to take out a loan, so we’ve prepared a list of top tips to help you find the best loan for you. These include:

  • Research the lender – read online reviews, have a thorough look at their website, look through their social media. Essentially, determine if they will make a good match for you.
  • Find out as much as you can about them by word of mouth. If you can find someone who already deals with them, and is happy to recommend them, then the risk you will be taking in choosing this provider is diminished.
  • What is the accessibility to customer service? Does the lender have customer service consultants readily available or are these matters dealt with by a call centre or message service? If your circumstances change, or you want to discuss your loan, you need easy access to their team. Having ready access to key decision makers within your loan provider can save you a lot of time and stress down the road.
  • Is your provider transparent in their dealings? Many people are bewildered by all of the numbers and are unable to make an informed decisions. You need to understand all of the costs and benefits before choosing.
  • Ask about all fees – having hidden fees that you aren’t aware of, for example, if you wanted to exit your loan early can have a huge impact on your overall loan costs. They may not simply tell you about discharge, bank or settlement fees. You need to be very particular with your questions.
  • Definitely shop around to find the best rates around. It is an competitive industry, and many will do a lot to ensure that they win your business. Understanding the comparison rate over the life of your loan is important.
  • Consider using a broker, having a trusted advocate may be very helpful.



How To Maximise Your Truck’s Resale Value

So you know that you will on the lookout for a new truck soon, but before you consider taking the step out to ask for that loan you need to plan for the sale of your current truck. Here is a list of top tips to help you with selling your truck.

  • Exterior colour is important. Having a non-standard color will negatively impact the resale price of a unit. If possible, stay with white as a base colour. In addition, a full-vehicle wrap or having items that will require a de-identification will impact the value of your truck.
  • Keep the interior clean. If the inside of your truck looks like a rubbish bin, then you need to spend the time to have it professionally cleaned. Depending on the size of the truck, your truck may be a temporary living quarter for the next owner, and at a minimum, they will be in there for the majority of the day. So make it clean and sharp!
  • Remember that the value add-ons may be great for you, but the next owner may care little for them. This may even negatively impact the value of your vehicle, so be aware that adding an extra premium in your price for these accessories may work against you.
  • Are you making a full effort in putting together a listing? Buying a truck is no simple purchase decision; so putting forward a half-hearted listing with considerable missing detail could put off many buyers. They may ask if you are hiding something, or may question your level of care for the truck they originally liked, putting them off calling you.
  • Putting together a set of strong images. Focusing on putting together smart marketing items, like multiple images from different angles gives potential buyers a 360 degree overview of the truck and helps sell them the dream of owning your truck.
  • Keep everything. Get a folder or envelope to store every receipt and record for maintenance and repairs on your truck, in and out of warranty.
  • Fix that clunky sound. Is your truck idling poorly? Before putting your truck up for sale, visit your local truck mechanic to ensure that it is in 100 percent condition.
  • Keep washing it regularly. In-grained dirt and mud can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of a truck.

Overall, you don’t have to do anything that is special to increase your truck’s resale value. Essentially, you just have to take decent care of it whilst it is still in your possession. We’re quietly confident that as long as you follow yhre steps above, you’ll be very pleased when the time comes to sell your truck.

What To Consider When Considering a Truck Loan Provider

A truck is a major investment in your career, and the cost of your monthly repayments could be quite high.
Before applying for any specific loan, it is important to understand the affordability of your repayments and how it will affect your overall finance.

By considering your options carefully, you will be able to look for lenders and loans that fit your needs, and you are likely to get a better deal. Here are a few considerations when considering a loan.

  • Consider basic loan features – by assessing the complete range of companies that offer truck finance, you will find a provider that has all of the attributes you need. Do you value customer service and accessibility to their staff over a low rate? Do you like to log in online and view your progress payments? There will be an option and a loan provider to suit everybody.
  • Amount of paperwork required – whist banking institutions provide a valuable service, they often request a large amount of paperwork before they consider you for a loan. Other lenders have a lower need to see large profits, and all they would like to see that you can repay them back for the amount loaned. These are known as low doc loan providers.
  • Extra loan features – are value-adds to the loan worthwhile pursuing? Will the provider provide a discount through relationships they may have with insurance and other similarly aligned companies?
  • Flexibility – if you run into any unexpected issues with your truck or even life in general you need an ally. Let’s say this issue is beyond any savings you may have, is it possible to discuss your issue with your loan provider and have them reconsider the terms of your loan?

Adverse Credit Car Finance

You might have been told you cannot take out a loan which you desired because you have adverse credit, and you are worried because you do not know what it means and don’t know what to do either. Adverse credit means that having a negative or poor credit rating, which prevents you from accessing loan facilities or any financial aid. It is bad enough when you virtually lose everything because of bankruptcy but there is still a way around this. A very thorough search will help you find those lenders who will take the adverse credit caused by bankruptcy.


The most important thing here is being prepared for it. The size of the loan accessed by you might be reduced due to your credit rating or even limit your car finance type. This means that the company will use property belonging to you as a form of collateral for you to pay back such loan. Getting an unsecured car finance loan is going to be more tedious than getting a secured one if your credit history is bad.

There are three major alternatives you can consider when in such situation. The first option is for you to take a lesser rate loan and buy either a lower model or used vehicle that can be afforded with this amount of money. This means that you may not get the car you desire, but this will help you push off the adverse credit for car finance in the future.

The next option is to search online for another deal. There are so many credit companies that help people having adverse credit in car finance or any other loans. Having poor credit should not make you feel like you were forced into a poor deal. You should go ahead and look for different companies, and examine the kind of offers and deals they present and loans they give.

The last option is going for a check loan with no credit. This could be the best option for you if you already have an adverse credit rating. There is no credit check on the person applying for this kind of loan. The amount of money you are entitled to borrow depends on your present ability to repay and what you need here is just a proof of income. If your income is not stable then you might end up accessing the lowest amount that can be approved and limit your loan within this amount. This loan might not be suitable enough for someone who is self-employed. You should know that without a credit check, you are definitely bound to pay a very high interest rate.

Credit rating should not ruin your life; you should be able to get a car finance loan like everyone else who wants it. Make sure you search around for the best offers and deals, and also have adequate information about the funding company. Also, ensure to select the best loan suitable for you by going through its pros and cons so as to know what you are getting yourself into. It should be a loan you can afford and even in the worst case, you would be able to pay back monthly.

Do you have a bad credit file and need an alternative? Follow this link to our partners at Unsecured Finance Australia. They are the pro’s when it comes to unsecured and bad credit finance!

Semi Truck Financing Tips

If you’ve always wanted to purchase a semi truck but never did get around to it because you don’t exactly know how commercial financing works, here are 4 tips that can help with your truck financing problem.

How good is your credit history?

If you’ve a strong credit history, there are banks that are more than ready to provide you with the financing you need. In addition, there are other options of commercial truck dealers, lenders and traditional financial institutions that will help finance your dream semi truck. More still, there are companies whose specialty is giving loans to individuals that want to purchase a business vehicle or persons that want to establish their business. However, the main concern is your credit history.

It’s advisable to check one’s credit history before meeting up with potential lenders. This is because creditors will always check your credit history to determine your capacity of paying back the borrowed money. If you any information that will ease the up the loan process procedures for you, make sure to present them to lenders. And there is any sort of inaccuracy or misinformation with your credit, ensure you amend them prior to meeting any creditor.

You’ll encounter lesser difficulties if you have a better credit score and history. If you’ve bad credit, you may find it difficult getting the loan you need to finance your truck. An option if you have bad credit is to try credit unions and see whether you can get approval for your loan. Another way of working around bad credit is to seek out those lenders that accept borrowers with bad credit. Nevertheless, know that your bad credit may mean paying a higher down payment of 20% or more on the loan amount, as this will most certainly guarantee a loan approval.

Remember Insurance

Search out the best insurance options that fits into your monthly budget. This is important because the financing company may require insurance proof before granting your truck loan request.

What are your payment options?

A lot financing companies offer flexible payment options. But the smart payment option is every quarter or every 6 months.

Compare before making your choice

Make sure to always compare the lenders and their rates before making your choice. But then, this is a wise thing to do, isn’t it? So, compare the interest rates of the commercial financing companies and banks before making your choice! If for any reason, you doubt the creditor’s lending policies, then pick another company/lender.

You need to plan properly when it comes to financing the purchase of a truck for your business. Do your due diligence by researching out financing companies that suit your budget, as well as give utmost satisfaction. This blog is happy to strongly reccomend Rob Sinclair Equipment for your truck finance needs. They have been in the truck finance business a long time and know how to look after their customers. Be sure to check them out.

FDI Inflows By Nation During 2015

If we look at the top 10 host economies by nation during 2015 it is evident there is a big margin between world superpowers. The data, derived quarterly, presents us with figures displaying the Billions of U.S. dollars spent per nation to determine foreign direct investment inflows.

Here they are, from 10th to 1st:

10. France ($44 Billion)

9. Canada ($45 Billion)

8. Brazil ($56 Billion)

7: India ($59 Billion)

6. Singapore ($65 Billion)

5. The UK ($68 Billion)

4. Netherlands ($90 Billion)

3. China ($136 Billion)

2. Hong Kong ($163 Billion)

1. U.S ($384 Billion)

The most noticeable fact is a big chunk of the countries are from Asia (HK, China, Singapore and India) with 4/10 nations. There are 3 nations from Europe featuring in the top 10 and it is no surprise North and South America make up the rest of the top 10. These are clear indicators: business isn’t necessarily booming, but it’s much stronger with countries that have nearby neighbours. Europe, America and Asia are flooded with bordering nations! Relationships between these countries are very strong and it can make foreign spending much easier!

The U.S. are naturally miles clear given their infrastructure and advanced technology however there are multiple countries beginning to bridge the gap – and have been doing so for sometime.

More figures to come in 16 later in the year!

Foreign Direct Investment Figures 2013-15 Indicate Transition Economies Naturally Sit Well Below Developed Continents

Figures from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have shown the progression of foreign investment across the 2013-2015 period. Segmenting the data into continents including Developing Asia; Europe; North America; Latin America and the Caribbean; Africa as well as Transition Economies, demonstrates a clear change and generally for the better.

The most noticeable trend is that of the transition economies. These economies have seen a dramatic decrease in FDI across the last 3 years. In terms of dollars, their 2013 output of $85 Billion became 56 in 2014 and 35 in 2015 signifying a decrease of 50 million in just 3 years. The ability to acquire assets and financial capital  in neighbouring countries is always going to be difficult for these nations as a result of a fragile economy.

The big surprise, however, is the growth seen in North America. America is notorious for being a world superpower in almost everything. But a decrease in foreign spending from 2013-14 of $118 Billion was incredibly concerning. Since that point, the continent has worked hard to improve their economic situation by spending a whopping $429 Billion in 2015 – a dramatic increase of $254 Billion! This type of spending leaves them third on the list understandably behind Developing Asia and Europe.

Similarly, Europe went from spending 323 and 306 Billion dollars to $504 Billion. This dramatic increase is a total of $198 Billion and indicates a strong growth for the continent as a whole – a positive outcome given their recent problems.

Clearly out on topic in the FDI spending are countries in Developing Asia. Incredibly, their 2013 foreign spending was higher than North America’s current personal best of $429 Billion. Asia has become on-par, if not more financially secure than the United States and this has come through their ability to invest overseas.

Africa’s spending has plateaued with minor ups and downs ultimately maintaining an FDI within $50-60 Billion. Clearly, their FDI policy hasn’t changed too much and given the data from the past decade it is unlikely to change much for the better.

So in comparison with other growing, stable economies well above them, countries in economic transition are potentially in need of some form of support.

The benefits of FDI in developing countries can be significant because it provides countries with resilience in trying circumstances. Many countries that have experienced economic recession in the last 20 years have protected themselves from complete disaster thanks to carefully strategised foreign direct investment.

The point may be obvious, but it is something we’ll be looking to analyse further!